Underwater Hockey Australia is the peak body for the sport of Underwater Hockey in Australia. We have more than 800 players and officials across Australia.

Becoming a member

Underwater Hockey Australia membership is administered by the Australian Underwater Federation.

Membership includes:

  • AUF membership
  • UHA membership
  • Membership to your respective state body
  • Limited injury insurance (it is recommended that players consider taking out additional personal accident/injury insurance)

You can join or renew your membership via the AUF's secure membership portal.

Membership inquiries should be directed to the AUF Membership Officer at

How to lodge a claim

In the unfortunate situation where you need to lodge an insurance claim please undertake the following steps:

  1. Collect any relevant documentation
  2. Complete and send the following email template

The account manager for the AUF insurance policy is:

Christine Osborne
Account Executive / Team Leader
OAMPS Insurance Brokers - SPORT and LEISURE Department

Information for clubs

The following resources have been posted for use by clubs/branches:

  • AUF Player Waiver Form
    • The AUF has insurance coverage includes a level of cover players trying the sport.
    • New players are advised to complete and sign the waiver form.
    • New players should join as full members within four sessions.