Go Australia!


It has been three years since the last Elite world championships for our favourite underwater sport. In 2013 the Elite and Master underwater hockey teams of the world met in Egar, Hungary. This week, they reunite in healthy competition at the 19th CMAS world Championships in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Australia will be represented in each devision: Elite Women, Elite Men, Master's Women and Master's Men. Both Master's team are the current World Champions coming away with a Gold Medal in Hungary in 2013.

The first match kicks off on Friday 25th March with Australia vs Argentina in the Masters Women category. To keep up to date with all the matches and results follow the Horizon website here.

The Australian teams progress and journey will also be kept alive online via the 'Aus UWH worlds players and followers 2016' Face book group, and of course the Underwater Hockey Australia Facebook Page.

The games will be streamed live on 247tv. The Cost of the Live Streaming as follows: €25 per complete tournament pass; €7 per playoff match; €4 per round robin match.
Replays will also be made available at reduced rates. Visit their underwater hockey page to view games live.

We wish all teams the best of luck for the tournament. To the Aussie athletes, coaches, support crew and managers - we will all be cheering for you back home: go hard and have a great time.

Go Australia!!